Is there Soy Protein in your powders that would effect estrogen levels?


There is no soy protein in any of our protein powders and therefore will not affect someone’s estrogen levels. The question and answer shown below will explain the soy listing on the label.

Soy listed in powders (Soy Lecithin)

Q: I notice soy [lecithin] in AminoFormula and protein powders say contains soy – does it contain soy protein?
A: There is no soy protein in AminoFormula or any of our protein powders. Only soy lecithin in minute amounts used as an emulsifier, just like most powders of any kind sold everywhere. It is not allergenic to the majority of people with soy allergies because it’s not from soy protein, it’s from the fat.

More info:

Soy lecithin is an FDA approved food additive for proper emulsification used in a variety of mixes. Soy lecithin is used in most mixes of any kind in minute amounts as you can tell from its appearance in the “other ingredients” listings or no listing other than “contains soy” with no amounts listed. Don’t mix up soy lecithin with soy protein – there is no connection, soy lecithin is a mixing agent not from the protein portion of soy so can’t trigger normal soy allergies. Many foods contain soy lecithin and most good protein powders, and it’s a very safe and effective emulsifier.

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