Can we expect a plant-based weight gainer to compare with "First String" for those with lactose intolerance?


We don’t have plans to make one in the near future but that could change.

Our powders have negligible amounts of lactose because most of it is removed from the whey concentrate. Even if you are lactose intolerant (or a mal-digester, which is what most people truly are but call themselves “intolerant”), it should not bother you especially if you drink it slowly.

Lactose mal-digesters and individuals who consider themselves lactose intolerant, can consume 6-12 grams of lactose without major symptoms.

One serving of First String has only 1 gram of lactose.

In the meantime, you can use the dotFIT BestPlantProtein and add the carbohydrates you want (e.g. fruit, milk, juices, etc.). That’s what’s great about powdered mixes, you can make them any way you need them by adding the ingredients you like.

dotFIT Product Lactose Comparison (grams/serving)

1 cup of milk: 12 g

1 cup of yogurt: 9 g

First String Chocolate: 1 g

First String Vanilla: 1.2 g

Lean MR Chocolate: .22 g

Lean MR Vanilla: .22 g

Pre/Post Workout Shake Chocolate: 1.1 g

Pre/Post Workout Shake Vanilla: 1.2 g

Whey Smooth Chocolate: 2.4 g

Whey Smooth Vanilla: 2.45 g

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