Why don't you have a multivitamin for men? Is there one you recommend?


We do have a multivitamin and mineral formula for men. It’s the Active MV for all men between 12 and 50 years old. After age 50 they switch to the Over50 MV unless they’re still very active, such as competing/training for sporting events in which case they stay with the ActiveMV up to age 65 and then switch to the Over50.

More info :

  • Age 2-4 years- take one dotFIT Kid’s MVM
  • Age 4-11 years - take two dotFIT Kid’s MVM (one with AM meal and one with PM meal)
  • Age 12-17 years - take one dotFIT Active MV as directed
  • Age 18-50 years - all males and competitive athletes (male and female), take two dotFIT ActiveMV (one with AM meal and one with PM meal) as long as strenuously competitive up till age 65 (otherwise, switch to taking one dotFIT Over50 MV after age 50)
  • Women age 18-50 years – take one dotFIT Women’s MV unless participating in competitive sport or extended daily training periods
  • Age 51+ years - males and females take one dotFIT Over50MV unless using the ActiveMV until age 65 as described above
  • Age 65+ years - males and females take one dotFIT Over50MV

These recommendation are the algorithms an embedded in our online program and apps, so our trainers don’t have to think about it. They just answer the quick Q&A and the program recommends the proper multivitamin and mineral

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