To gain weight you need to eat more calories than you burn so that the extra calories are deposited into your body tissues, with the majority going to lean body mass (LBM) such as muscles. For adults to accomplish proper weight gain, resistance training must be incorporated in order to give the body a reason to deposit the extra nutrition/calories into muscle as opposed to fat storage. Therefore, to avoid gaining excess body fat, the extra calories should be no more than the amount needed to build and sustain the increase in lean tissue.  With these conditions met, weight/muscle gain can occur at a rate of one pound every two weeks for males and ~1/2LB for females, and maybe more if you are new to weight training. The dotFIT program has a weight gain option that is used by the best athletes in the world including the exercise routines. Simply log in and select weight gain as your goal, fill in your body statistics, including your goal weight, and follow the program’s instructions all the way to your goal. You will be prompted weekly/bi-weekly to input your new weight or measurement, and then you’ll be told exactly what to do to continue to progress.

Dietary Support

Dietary support can be safely incorporated into an individualized program to complement proper training and food intake.  For example, athletes may need convenient ways to increase calories and meals when whole food is not possible due to the necessity for extremely high calorie intakes, time constraints or availability.  Furthermore, various safe compounds have been shown to enhance nutrient intake, performance, recovery and muscle building.

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