Yes, and it’s very common among athletes, especially bodybuilders and people new to weight training but it requires daily food planning and supplementation. By consuming slightly fewer calories than you burn (250 calorie deficit) so that you lose no more than 1/2LB of body fat/wk you will effectively reduce fat stores. Now you have to feed the muscle without adding calories and that's where your supplementation comes in (see below for proper recommendation). Supplementation can feed muscles with little to no calories by using a properly formulated pre and post workout shake/bar and a daily multivitamin and mineral (MVM).  Using the dotFIT program you can set your goal as stated above.

The program, including your supplement recommendation, will be created to feed your muscle while starving the fat. Therefore, the program is designed to supply all the necessary building materials (foods and supplements that contain high concentrations of the components that make up muscle tissues, such as specialized proteins/amino acids) while keeping the total caloric intake at a point where the body draws the energy it needs to build the extra muscle from your fat stores, thereby reducing fat while increasing muscle size and maintaining body weight as desired. It’s a science that we created in the bodybuilding world many years ago and anyone can do it with proper direction.

(a) Active multivitamin mineral formula

• Take 1 daily with breakfast or any other larger meal

Use SuperCalcium+ and SuperOmega-3 as necessary – i.e. not getting enough from food

(b) dotFIT First String or Pre/Post Meal Replacement & Workout Formula

• Take 2 scoops 10-30 minutes before workout or use favorite dotFIT® bar for convenience

• Take 2 scoops immediately post workout

• Use anytime throughout the day to add calories as necessary to maintain muscle gain

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