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By Registered Dietitian
on October 09, 2008
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Should I continue taking creatine and Recover&Build when I switch my goal to fat loss?

Should I continue taking creatine and Recover&Build when I switch my goal to fat loss?

Question in full: I have been gaining muscle and just started taking dotFIT creatine and Recover&Build. Should I continue taking these products when I switch my goal to fat loss? And what's the best way to maintain my muscle while I lose fat?

Answer:  Keep taking your creatine, that way you will maintain as much muscle and strength as possible. The Recover&Build (BCAA) formula makes even more sense while restricting calories, so we recommend you stay on that as well. BCAAs really shine when calories are lowered and exercise increases. Another option you have is AminoFormula, which will really help your recovery and the maintenance of your muscle mass as you lose fat. The best way to maintain (or even add) LBM during fat loss is to keep your calorie deficit to no more than 500 calories per day.  Read the Xtreme Muscle Stack, which includes a sample menu plan (including meal timing) that you can modify to your personal needs and maximize results.

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